Feat tree website (a good site to check out)

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Feat tree website (a good site to check out)

Post  Cronos on Sun May 11, 2008 7:14 pm

heres a feat tree website. most of the skills are right, a few need to be updated but the most r up to date. links http://hybes.de/featPlaner.php?class=Barbarian&lang=en

from my understanding you get a total of 78 points. you start getting them at 10 but you get an extra every 10 levels and like an extra 2 at 80 or something. either way it ends up being 78 points. i have about 4 specs already that i cant wait to try. 2 of which are kinda akward but thats how i made a great spec in wow so maybe ill get lucky.

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