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Post  Grim on Sun Mar 09, 2008 3:16 pm

ok, I just submitted my prayer for beta...I tried to do it in the true sense of Conan, but i had to keep it short as well (the damned thing is more like a narrative). Hell i coulda written a whole novel on something like this. Anyway it's a little long for a post but here it is. If any of u guys posted a prayer for the Beta contes, put it in this thread so we can check it out.
The lush jungle of Stygia teemed with the sounds of its denizens, sounds both uninviting and unforgiving. The oppressive humidity within this dense rain forest could drain a healthy man of his life’s water supply within a day as assuredly as any desert should he be foolish enough to enter this realm unprepared. While there was water in abundance in small ponds and creeks scattered throughout the jungle, the fetid stench and muck that floated at the surface foretold one of the fate that would befall him should he drink from any of these sources of water, a fate that would only enhance his thirst through dehydration and diarrhea. As if this tangled and nearly impassable landscape wasn’t treacherous enough, the myriad wildlife and insects that inhabited the region would leave no doubt that humans were unwelcome. The four-legged creatures, by far the most violent, were the least of one’s worries. The constant buzzing was the real threat of the jungle. Swarms of carnivorous mosquitoes thrived and bred within this murky jungle of which little light made it through the dense foliage. These insects hungrily bit and sucked sweet blood from their prey returning only pestilence and death to their victims from the many diseases they carried.
It was here that I found myself on this hot spring day. No breeze made it in here. The jungle was stifling. For days, I had chopped and hacked my way through the thick brambles and underbrush, forging a path west from the city. Some ointment I purchased from a merchant in Khitai for just this journey kept the mosquitoes at bay, sparing my group and I from their disease-ridden mouths. At last we had arrived at our destination, a decrepit and crumbling temple to the ancient god Set amid an ancient ruined city that had been swallowed by the jungle. No one had set foot in this place in ages.
With me were two slave girls I had purchased in the city with the last of my coin and two mercenaries that came on the promise of wealth of which I had none and I knew not how I was going to pay them. But for now the time was at hand, we had made it to the idol of Set within the temple and all the preparations had been completed. For three years I had prepared for this one moment of opportunity to call upon the God and ask his favor. The mercenaries knew what they had been hired for and I knew they would complete the task ahead of them.
With the incantations complete, I laid the final piece of the ritual in front of the idol of Set. It was a small bronze statuette in the likeness of the serpent god, evil and hatred of mankind emanated from it. Now that everything was in place, I called upon Him.
“Father Set, I beg your presence. Your most humble servant calls upon you.”

The mercenaries were each next to one of the slave girls on either side of the bronze statuette as was planned. They suddenly each wrapped an arm behind one of the slave girls and deftly pulled his knife across her throat. As the girl’s bodies writhed in their death throes, the mercenaries tilted the soon-to-be-corpses forward so that their arteries would spill their blood upon the statuette.

“Accept this sacrifice to you, O mighty Set. Bathe us with your presence!”

The mercenaries let go of the waifs as now the life had left them and eyed the idol of Set. The sounds of hissing began to echo in the chamber. Snakes of all sorts began to enter the room. Snakes from Stygia, Kosh, Aquilonia, Shem, and even the far reaches of Cimmeria filled the room, serpents which had no reason to be here within this jungle. The serpents surrounded the idol with their heads arched off the grounds and mouths partly open. They began swaying back and forth in a side to side motion. Two extremely large serpents made their way next to the two mercenaries and before the men could react the constrictors wrapped themselves around the men and held them fast. A shimmering in the air formed above the statuette in front of the idol of Set. The air blackened and coalesced into the form of Set himself. The two constrictors then sank their fangs into the necks of the mercenaries. Tendrils of black air from the spiritual manifestation of Set wisped to the holes in the men’s neck and drained them of their souls. The skin of the men turned alabaster and the constrictors let go of them and began swaying like the other serpents. It would seem I no longer had to worry about how I would pay the mercenaries as Set had given them payment enough.
Then a booming voice entered my head, it was overpowering and filled with malevolence and subtle satisfaction.


This was it. For three years I had waited for this opportunity to call upon Set. The months of traveling and memorization of the proper inflections of the incantations had finally bore fruit. Ever since I stumbled upon the statuette and realized its importance I had prepared for this moment. This whole journey is my prayer to Set culminating in this final moment. Hopefully Set would grant me his favor.

“Father Set, I supplicate myself before you and ask you to hear my plea. For years your people have hidden in the shadows. I am a descendant of your once great children, the Snake-men that used to rule these lands. I wish to bring back your glory to the world of Hyboria. Should you grant me your favor; I will see to it that the people of Crom and Ishtar are crushed under your banner. I will make slaves of all the humans and build temples in your name. The name Set shall once again be worshipped by all and you can once again walk the lands of Hyboria. Send me forth in your name. Release me unto Hyboria as your avatar and men shall tremble at the utterance of your name. I shall build armies to smite your enemies and offer you their souls in sacrifice. You shall once again be the one true God of Hyboria.”

Set shimmered in front of me, his eyes glowing balefully with an infinite malevolence. Suddenly a vision entered my head, a vision of a nameless slave on a galley. The slave was washed ashore with nothing but a broken oar in his hand and the world of Hyboria before him. Is this the God’s answer? Is this how he intends to start me on the path of His glory. No answer came as yet from the God I kneeled in front of as if He was contemplating the infinite possibilities. I anxiously awaited his answer. Would I be cast into the nether with my soul forfeit for daring to disturb Him, or would I be this slave sent to tackle the world of Hyboria in His name?.............

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Prayer to the gods Empty Re: Prayer to the gods

Post  Cronos on Tue Mar 11, 2008 6:52 pm

nice lol, all i did was something like "almighty funcom, most powerful of the hyborian gods. Grant me a beta key so i can kill some unfaithful. Ps would it help if i offered you guys a virgin."
something liek that. short and to the point , words to live by Smile lol.

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Prayer to the gods Empty Re: Prayer to the gods

Post  Romwin on Wed Mar 19, 2008 5:14 pm

Dude, seriously..... IM PISSED!!!!!!!!! Thats it? I want more! I ... Neeed..... MOOOORREEE!!!!!

That is the beginnings of a great book. Good job bro!


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Prayer to the gods Empty wow....

Post  Ravenscythe on Fri May 09, 2008 1:40 pm

Awesome story Grim... im with Steve. Lets see the rest of it.

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Prayer to the gods Empty Re: Prayer to the gods

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