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Rules and current Gladiators

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Rules and current Gladiators Empty Rules and current Gladiators

Post  Cronos Mon May 12, 2008 7:23 pm

The gladiator title (and rank if they make a patch to allow the name change of ranks) will be awarded to those who prove to be the best in their class at 1v1 dueling. Each class will have one gladiator and all members are allowed to participate. To challenge a gladiator you will post in this section but not on this sticky. Post class your char name and your opponents name and times/days your are availably to duel. once a date and time is reached and accepted by both contestants the duel will commence. An officer or higher must be present or atleast online to record the winnings of the duel. duels will be best 2 out of 3. A few minutes late isnt a porblem but if you fail to show up for any reason you forfit and the title goes to the person who showed up. If you lose your title you cannot challenge them right away. you must wait until the next month. The month you acquire gladiator you only have to accept 2 challenges. You can only be the gladiator of 1 class and only your main class. A gladiator only has to except 8 challenges per month and each char can only challenge a gladiator once a month. (Cannot schedules a month ahead of time) If you didnt get to challenge the gladiator this month just be sure you set up a challenge on the 1st of the next month (for some day that month). this rules may be changed, if you have any suggestions please post them here. (this is a fun addition to the guild meant to inspire competition and hard work, please dont let this get in the way of other more important aspects you may have in game and in real life)

Current gladiators are (first gladiators will be the first to hit level 80 for their class in the guild.including officers)

Barbarian -
Dark Templar-
Herald of Xotli-
Priest of Mitra-
Tempest of Set-

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