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Post  Amarynthia on Fri May 23, 2008 6:40 am

With Cronos's approval we have obtained a guild website domain all our own & created a new message board that is easier, cleaner and more fun to use. Cool option of posting youtube videos just by their url right into your post and other options.

Please visit the new msg board by going to....

and click Enter. The website will be up soon but for the moment our main page is a place holder and will direct you straight to our msg boards which can be quick linked with...

GUILD MEMBERS: Register on the new msg board asap to reduce confusion and please be sure to check it once a day to every other day. It is important on a PvP server to keep in touch and even if you do not actively do everything in game with the guild, keep up to date with what is going on for events or guild related chat. Not to mention it helps you get to know your other guild mates.

If you have any issues, please notify myself through a msg here on this msg board or through a private message on the new one (preferred). When you register (which is very easy) please post in the "need access" section of the board so that you can get bumped to Guild member status and see the full board. Certain sections will be restricted to guild members only.

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